Technology Solutions that Fit Like a Glove

Glover Enterprises services are provided and performed on an independent, trusted advisor approach, i.e. we define, develop, deliver, and measure our solutions based on one-on-one relationships with each of our clients. Within each relationship, we provide our independent and practical application of people, processes, and technologies to enable organizations to meet their objectives. Our management and technical consulting services span all phases of the system development life-cycles for organizational, operational and mission systems.
Information Technology Strategy and Enterprise Architecture
Glover Enterprises provides information technology strategy and enterprise architecture planning services to help clients define the framework and guidance for their organizational and mission objectives. These solutions are directly linked to the strategic business goals of the organization to ensure that information systems provide measurable value and clearly support the mission and business of the organization. We have extensive experience in the tailored design and development of small, medium, and large enterprise architectures, performing technology assessments, implementation strategies, and deployment roadmaps that ensure a high return on investment and compliance with Federal and industry enterprise architecture and capital planning requirements. Specific services offered include enterprise architecture definition, systems engineering, capital planning, program management office support, technical strategy definition, strategy session facilitation (including cross-organizational and stakeholders), and best-practices benchmarking.

Information Assurance - Architecture, Engineering, Integration, and Compliance
Glover Enterprises provides risk-based, full life-cyle information assurance (security) capabilities to its clients to protect and secure their information and network resources, anticipate and mitigate strategic risks, and proactively counter threats that impact their data and infrastructure assets relative to the defined risk. While we fully understand and recognize the ever-changing security threats that our clients face, we provide our security services, i.e. safeguarding of information and information systems by ensuring availability, integrity, authentication, confidentiality, and access control, based on the business and mission needs of the organization. We have experience in taking an enterprise, and strategic approach to developing sound, practical, and realistic approaches and implementations to securing an organizations assets and maintaining operational readiness, though an integrated and optimized mix of physical, cyber, and personnel security controls in compliance with security policies and guidance, i.e. NIST, FIPS, DHS, CIS, NSA, etc. Our IA expertise leverages our background in commercial solutions as well as our federal civil, Department of Defense, and Intelligence Community engagements.

Enterprise Systems Integration
Technology and organizational requirements are constantly evolving. Today, organizations are faced with new remote devices, ever increasing software costs, cloud computing opportunities, etc. Glover Enterprises provides systems integration services to help clients understand the value and application of current and future technologies and how they can best be leveraged within and throughout their organizations. Leveraging our extensive backgrounds, Glover Enterprises can research, analyze, recommend, design, and implement new technologies to meet customer needs. Utilizing an enterprise-approach on all engagements, we can advise our clients on the 'true' cost (including cost-benefit analysis), impact, risk (including organizational - people, processes), and capabilities of new technologies and technology-based solutions. Once the optimized solution is selected, Glover Enterprises has the resources to implement the solution, including all management change activities.
Independent Verification & Validation
Glover Enterprises offers independent verification and validation services to provide our clients with effective oversight of, and insight to, their most complex system and organizational tasks and contracts. Glover Enterprises approach combines traditional structured testing/verification with strategic assessments and recommendations to create a positive, collaborative atmosphere focused on success of the program. Specific services offered include organizational requirements definition and development, PMO support, strategic risk management, contractor deliverable review, security testing & evaluation, system certification and accreditation (C&A) support, stakeholder outreach facilitation, technology assessments, software testing, and system acceptance testing.