Technology Solutions that Fit Like a Glove

Commitment to Excellence
Glover Enterprises is committed to our vision to be a world-class management and consulting company by consistently seeking excellence in all customer, business, and personal activities and interactions. As a trusted advisor, we will always seek to provide our customers with solutions that will not only meet current goals, but also prepare us to meet even higher future goals.
To assist our clients in meeting their ever changing business challenges by providing full life cycle solutions for information and telecommunications systems

Glover Enterprises vision is to be a world-class management and technology consulting company by by enabling our clients to achieve current and future mission goals and objectives by delivering innovative, proven, targeted, high-value, and low-cost solutions. 
Glover Enterprises believes in certain core values that guide our performance in the workplace.  These beliefs include the following:
  • Superior customer satisfaction and real business value is best achieved by skilled and thoughtful staff; 
  • Project goals are achieved most efficiently when there is a trusting relationship built on high integrity and a record of consistent performance;
  • Repeatable processes supported by practical mechanisms accelerate business performance and allow more attention to innovation; and
  • Long-term success is built on understanding complex technologies well enough to use them appropriately to create simple, cost-effective solutions.  
These values result in services and solutions for customers that exhibit three important qualities:
  • Responsive: we work hard to ensure we understand the customer's needs and respond quickly to meet them.
  • Innovative: our talented staff are able to think "outside the box" and judiciously apply contemporary technologies to create better solutions.
  • Cost effective: our lean organization and fair pricing provide outstanding value as evidenced by our many long-term and repeat customers.